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Data Protection Silos

– Chris Grossman, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Applications division with Rand Worldwide, says:

Although many organizations back up their data, they often use several different backup solutions across the enterprise. As a result, the backup landscape is characterized by multiple silos of data protection. During times of normal business operation, everyone feels secure because their data is backed up.  However, after a disaster, the picture isn’t always so pretty.

Recovering data from numerous backup solutions is time consuming. Each requires a different set of processes to restore the data. Every group is clamoring to be first on the list for data restoration, so they can return to business as usual. Instead of business continuity, the situation is more aptly described as business chaos.

Rather than using a fragmented approach to data backup, a better solution is a system that stores data from across the entire enterprise in a single consolidated backup repository that holds all types of information. Not only does this type of solution simplify disaster recovery, it also streamlines the backup process on a day to day basis. The IT team can monitor, control, and manage the entire organization’s backup infrastructure using a single application. That means a greater likelihood of proactive backup management, instead of firefighting. By eliminating data protection silos, it’s possible for everyone in the organization to feel secure, even on days when it’s not “business as usual.”

About the Author

As a Senior Vice President, Chris Grossman manages the Enterprise Applications division of Rand Worldwide, including the Rand Secure Data division. Contact Chris at or visit