Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Rich Miller,

Boston’s Supply of Data Center Space Stable Amid Rising Demand_optData center requirements in Boston come in a variety of sizes, but most are below 500 kW. Companies with needs larger than that size are typically well established companies with a need to be in the Boston area.

The region’s knowledge economy is anchored by the more than 50 colleges and universities in Boston, which provide a highly educated high-tech workforce as well as a steady supply of entrepreneurs seeking to commercialize their research.

Some of the largest data center users include major hospitals and research institutes, who have extensive IT requirements and typically want to store data close to their Boston facilities, either for latency purposes or to comply with patient data privacy regulations. Some of these users have meaningful high-performance computing (HPC) operations that require higher power densities than traditional IT operations. This creates an opportunity for data center providers with facilities that can support HPC.

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