Body Language Tips To Amplify Your Video Messages

– Simon Davis, business writer, says:

Modern video conferencing systems, such as Bluejeans Video Conferencing, have completely changed the way organizations operate and how people now communicate to one another in the workplace. Businesses are now able to build teams despite geographic separation and allow members to work remotely from home.

Of course, not all technology in the workplace has proved to have the same levels of functionality. Instant messaging and emails between employees are extremely prevalent but limit the socializing and use of body language in conversations. When you add voice, the face, and physical gestures into the mix, the whole communication experience is altered. Through video conferencing you are interacting in real time with someone located elsewhere but with the same experiences of interacting in-person.

As powerful of a communication medium video conferencing can be, there can be large consequences to not using it appropriately or to your advantage. Even if you have a top-of-the-line service from a provider like Blue Jeans, interacting through video conferencing often takes practice. Here are some tips to be wary of for the next time you are expecting a video conferencing call:

Eye Contact

How can you make eye contact with someone who isn’t physically present in front of you? One of the most common mistakes made by people using video conferencing is not focusing on the lens. Look into the lens and not at yourself when you are giving a reply. There is a strong possibility that trust and respect is built through being present through eye contact. This doesn’t mean you have to look into the camera the entire time; taking notes and having a look at the screen should not be an issue unless you spend the entire time checking the display screen. Make sure you look into the lens when you speak, or else it can appear like you are not paying attention to the party on the other end.

Don’t Get Too Personal

Always think about the angle and closeness of the camera. You don’t want the other people in your conference to see up your nose! It can be very disconcerting for you to sit too close; this can distort your face and distract the other people in the meeting. Make sure the frame of your camera is adjusted perfectly before you begin your call. For a safe standard, showing your head and upper body is a perfectly good frame. However, if you get too close up to the camera, a lot of movements become noticeable. There is no need to lean forward to get closer to the camera or fidget with your papers, keep your preview window open to make sure things look all right from your end at all times.

Dress For Success

This could be a video conferencing call with an employee or an employer interview; regardless of what it is, you need to dress for success. When you think about dressing for success, chances are that you think of business formal attire that will show off your professionalism. But dressing for success when it comes to video conferencing does not end there. When it comes to video conferencing, you now have to be aware of what the camera picks up on. For example, wearing bright white for a video conferencing call is not a good idea as it catches too much of the lighting. As well, wearing a tightly lined and zigzagged pattern often causes discomfort to the viewer’s eyes. To prevent this from happening, choose some subtle pieces with solid colors throughout for the benefit of the party you are communicating with.

Good Posture Goes A Long Way

A lot of the time, people forget that video conferencing is not too much different from interacting in person. The lack of another physical body in the room makes it easy to relax a little too much, such as slouching when you should not. Having good posture during your video conferencing call is interpreted very similarly to that of an in-person job interview. You are showing the other party that you are ready to hear what they have to say and looking forward to this meeting. The goal is always to present yourself in a comfortable manner while remaining confident throughout the call.

Treat It As You Would An In-Person Meeting

Just because there aren’t people physically around you, that doesn’t mean you should act that way. You would not be texting your wife and kids during an in-person meeting, so why interpret it as something acceptable when video conferencing? Keep in mind that video conferencing makes you just as visible as you would be in-person if not more so. Video conferencing is very much focused on the projected video display and any action that shows disinterest will be picked up on faster than you would believe. Save your lunch for after the meeting to ensure optimal enjoyment!