Bluebird Network, a leading communications infrastructure provider and operator of data centers and fiber networks, has once again been honored with the prestigious Visionary Spotlight Award from ChannelVision Magazine. This marks the third consecutive year that Bluebird Network has received the award, this time in the “Rural and Underserved Connectivity” category. The recognition highlights the company’s exceptional efforts in offering reliable and secure connectivity solutions to underserved communities across the Midwestern United States.

Bluebird Network’s primary mission is to bridge the digital divide and provide robust connectivity options to communities throughout the region. The company has been rapidly expanding its network infrastructure to keep up with the increasing demand for digital services. With the addition of over 520 new fiber route miles, Bluebird Network has bolstered its capacity to support growing businesses and deliver affordable fiber-based services, cutting-edge data center offerings, cloud connectivity, and network expansion.

Bluebird Network is committed to connecting the underserved communities with further support through two federal grants received for their expanding fiber network. These grants are part of the “Internet For All Initiative” and will enable Bluebird Network to construct more than 493 new fiber route miles, bringing connectivity to underserved communities in the Midwest over the next three to five years. This significant investment reflects Bluebird’s dedication to its goal of providing connectivity to all.

Michael Morey, CEO of Bluebird Network, expressed his enthusiasm for the recognition, stating, “Bluebird Network is unflinching in our goal to provide connectivity to all in the Midwest, regardless of circumstance. This award reflects our commitment to providing affordable and dependable connectivity options, which in turn help grow businesses and improve economic opportunities for communities in the Midwest. We are thrilled and heartened that ChannelVision supports us in our endeavor and recognizes the steps we have taken.”

Bluebird Network’s expansion efforts have made a substantial impact on new and underserved communities by delivering fast, high-quality fiber-based internet, dark fiber, cloud connectivity, and transport services. Bluebird Network empowers communities with increased career opportunities, intermarket connectivity, and support for government and emergency response entities by providing essential connectivity solutions. 

Bluebird Network continues to expand and densify its digital footprint throughout the Midwest with a steadfast commitment to bridging the digital divide. The company’s unwavering dedication to providing reliable, affordable, and high-speed connectivity options has solidified its position as a leader in the industry.

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