McDonough Telephone Cooperative (MTC) is a rural telephone company that reached out to Bluebird Network for assistance. MTC was in need of fiber connections and backhaul in order to connect communities throughout western and central Illinois. With that, Bluebird Network was able to provide those services in order to provide connectivity to more than 20 communities. 

Bluebird’s installation process is an important differentiator. Bluebird provided MTC with weekly updates and identified gating factors and communicated to the customer to reset expectations. This happened all the way up until the circuit was ready to be turned up. MTC expressed that this allowed them to set expectations and allowed their team to be more efficient. 

Eric Lee, VP of Competitive Services at MTC said “Bluebird’s transparency is beneficial because there is nothing more frustrating for a business than ordering a new circuit and waiting for updates on the installation process.” Bluebird’s communication style allows businesses like MTC to better update their own team throughout the build process.

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