Internet Exchanges (IX) are an essential part of keeping our world connected, keeping our internet fast and connectivity strong. IXs provide a low-latency path for businesses and ISPs to optimize their Internet traffic and extend an already large transport network. 

Regional telcos like Bluebird Network are acquiring IX’s to provide their customers the ability to offer high-speed internet to underserved markets. Bluebird now owns two IXs. First, the Springfield Internet Exchange (SpringIX) which is located in the Bluebird Underground Data Center. The newest addition is the Quad Cities Internet Exchange (QCIX) which is located in the Bluebird Quad Cities Data Center in Bettendorf, IA. Bluebird Network is now the host to two IXs within their two data centers. The data centers, and now both IXs, are strategically placed on the polar-ends of the company’s footprint. 

These Internet Exchanges will allow customers to offload traffic, increase data transmission speeds and improve network experiences by keeping traffic local and avoiding congested cities. Bluebird Network located in the Midwest, prides itself on providing connectivity to the rural communities. Both IX’s will support companies in work-from-home and disaster situations by keeping traffic local. SpringIX and QCIX offer enhanced connectivity solutions for communities in the Midwest in order to provide faster speeds, low-latency, and reduced costs throughout the region. 

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