Data Center POST Interview with Todd Murren, General Manager of Bluebird Underground Data Center.

By Community Manager Jamie White

Todd Murren is the General Manager of the Bluebird Underground Data Center, which is owned by Bluebird Network. a Midwestern fiber-based telecommunications company. The combination of these two capabilities offers the Enterprise, Hosting, and Cloud Service providers a truly unique solution to either address their business needs or layer onto their service capabilities. Todd has 37 years of experience involved with the operational and marketing aspect of both fiber networks and computing center operations.

We had the privilege of gaining insight from Todd about hot trends within the data center market and how Bluebird uniquely accommodates the needs of the evolving market.

Data Center POST, Jamie White (DCP-JW) Question: What trends are you seeing in the data center space?  

Bluebird Network, Todd Murren (BN-TM) Answer: Structuring the computing environment into flexible customer solutions. Today’s Enterprise and Hosting platforms can present a diverse set of needs. 

DCP-JW Q: In your opinion, what are buyer’s most interested in when looking at data centers? Some examples would be cloud connectivity, network connectivity, space/power, density, or energy efficiency. 

BN-TM A: Connectivity in all forms is big and then the capability to scale different power and cooling densities is usually next on the list.

DCP-JW Q: What is a use case scenario that your facility and services are best used for? 

BN-TM A: Being an underground facility, the conversation usually begins with disaster recovery, but it rapidly transitions to an operational scenario. The underground benefits address so many of the day to day reliability concerns that the conversation turns into operating from Bluebird Underground with the above-ground location being the disaster or business contingency alternative. 

DCP-JW Q: Would you like to share anything else with us, Todd? 

BN-TM A: If you have never given consideration to the daily benefits of operating from an underground facility, please contact us – you will be surprised! 

DCP-JW Q: Thank you so much for your time, Todd, your underground facility certainly sounds quite different and capable – a new way for companies to consider where they host their digital data. To learn more about Bluebird Network, please visit