In a significant stride towards blending technology with community spirit, Bluebird Network has announced a three-year sponsorship with Lee’s Summit Athletic as they prepare for their first season in the Select League. This move signals more than just corporate support for sports; it underscores a commitment to enhancing community connections and fostering engagement in the Lee’s Summit and Kansas City areas through supporting local soccer.

With its extensive network, including over 11,000 miles of fiber and two data centers, Bluebird is expanding its role from a communications infrastructure provider to a community and sports advocate. This partnership aims to unite sports enthusiasts, community members, and tech experts in support of local talent and resilience.

Select League President Brandon Fisher and Bluebird’s Marketing Manager Dillan Conn have expressed their excitement about the partnership’s potential to positively impact both the community and the sport. Bluebird’s involvement goes beyond mere sponsorship; it includes active participation in community events and support for local initiatives, emphasizing the company’s commitment to making a real difference.

Offering services like internet connectivity, ethernet connections, and private cloud services, Bluebird is a significant player in the tech sector. This sponsorship, however, highlights its dedication to community engagement, demonstrating that business success and community support can go hand in hand.

By aligning with LS Athletic, Bluebird aims to showcase its brand and services to a wider audience, including community leaders, business owners, and tech decision-makers. It’s a clear example of how businesses can use their platforms to support and unite local communities.

For those in the data center and technology industries, this initiative is a reminder of the power of strategic partnerships to transcend traditional business goals. It shows that technology’s influence can indeed extend beyond the digital realm into tangible community benefits.

As this partnership between Bluebird Network and LS Athletic unfolds, it represents a new model for how tech and communications companies can contribute to community vitality. This collaboration is not just about providing financial support; it’s about setting a new standard for corporate engagement in community development, highlighting the potential for future projects that harmonize technological advancement with communal well-being.