Stronghold Data is an award-winning IT solution provider that offers on-premises and cloud-based products and services to small to mid-sized businesses. They are based in Joplin, Missouri and CEO, James Richard shared his personal experience working with Bluebird Network. Three categories were highlighted when James spoke on his relationship with Bluebird Network, security, speed and reliability. 

First security, Stronghold Data expressed partnering with Bluebird Network gave their clients peace of mind and a strong sense of confidence. Bluebird’s secure underground facility, the Bluebird Underground Data Center (BBU), helped drive down client maintenance costs as well as customer risk and disaster management concerns. Secondly is speed, Richards was particularly impressed by Bluebird Network’s remote capabilities. The quick access to server data within the BBU increased Stronghold Data’s ability to respond to customers quickly and efficiently.  Lastly was reliability, another strong piece of the partnership between the two companies. The uptime of their Bluebird connection has been even higher than their other ISP’s multi-linked connection. 

The Bluebird Underground Data Center is located in Springfield, Missouri. Within the facility, Bluebird Network uses natural resources to offer protection from natural and unnatural disasters. Located 85 feet below ground in Springfield, Missouri, and surrounded by solid limestone, Bluebird Network’s data center combines the inherent protection of the underground with man-made security measures to safeguard your data and hardware. Data Center suites, colocation cages and colocation racks allow customers the flexibility to expand their hosting network with ease. Bluebird Network provides the data center with high speed, carrier-class Internet and data services through its own fiber network that runs in and out of the data center via multiple fiber paths and entrances.To learn more about Bluebird Network and Stronghold Data’s partnership,  

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