Aqua Comms Heads to New York City for Telecom Exchange 2018 and NYNOG #8

By Nigel Bayliff, Chief Executive Officer, Aqua Comms

Summertime is upon us, bringing with it more ways to interact with the Aqua Comms team and learn about our exciting projects and upcoming developments. This month, Aqua Comms will be participating at two major conferences, including Telecom Exchange NYC 2018 and the New York Network Operators Group (NYNOG) #8 event. If you are considering attending, here’s what you can look forward to.

Telecom Exchange NYC 2018 will take place June 19-20 at the W Hotel in Hoboken, New Jersey. We’re pleased to announce that Aqua Comms will be sponsoring this year’s opening reception alongside 1025Connect, Crosslake Fibre and ZenFi. The opening reception will be held at Lulu’s Restaurant and kick off the two-day event with an opportunity for networking with industry colleagues and thought-leaders in a fun and relaxed setting.

In addition to our sponsorship and attendance at Telecom Exchange NYC, the Aqua Comms team is excited to participate at the NYNOG #8 event. In particular, I look forward to providing attendees with a comprehensive look at the technologies and trends that shape the subsea cable industry during the speaking session, “The Current and Future State of the Subsea: Mapping the Route Towards Sustainable Profitability.”

During this presentation, I’ll discuss the history of the subsea cable industry, beginning with the launch of the first telegraph cable to span the Atlantic in 1866, up to its current state as much as 300 undersea cables make up the world’s intercontinental communications network. Together we’ll explore the components of today’s subsea networks and discuss deployment processes, including route planning, and installation tools. Additionally, I’ll be discussing the development of new cables across the Atlantic, including HAVFRUE. We’ll also explore how Aqua Comms is concluding construction of a new cable route to Denmark through the UK; developing CeltixConnect-2 (including an Isle of Man interconnect), which connects Dublin to Manchester; as well as the development of the North Sea Connect cable that will link a data centre in Newcastle, England, to Esbjerg, Denmark.

In the second half of my presentation, I will provide an overview of the Scandinavian and transatlantic subsea cable markets and share my analysis of the current state of subsea capacity supply and demand.

If you would like to set up a meeting with Aqua Comms at Telecom Exchange NYC or NYNOG #8, please email We look forward to seeing you there!