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Big Data


Praveen Kumar, Vice President & CEO, Aroha Research Technology, says:

Big data is transforming the way companies do business in industries across the board. With Cloud based Product Data Mart, Aroha Research Technology Inc. brings the big data revolution to the life sciences.

Pharmaceutical Industry is one of the tightly regulated industries across the world.  These regulations are constantly updated to ensure that the pharmaceutical products are safe and effective. This means that the companies engaged in development, manufacture and sale of pharmaceutical products need to produce product data of sufficient completeness, validity, accuracy and granularity in order to comply with the next regulatory mandate.

The average development time of a pharmaceutical product is around 7-9 years. During this period the pharmaceutical company collects vast amounts of data around chemistry, safety and efficacy of a new pharmaceutical product. The captured data remains trapped system where it was captured or computed. These data points provide valuable inputs into safety and efficacy of a pharmaceutical product and also helps in responding to queries from the regulators. The data can also be used in re-purposing a pharmaceutical product to treat a new indication.

big data

The industry attempted to address this pain point by building data warehouses. Most of these data ware houses had custom database schema, generally a version of of data provider application. The development of the these warehouses took long implementation time and exerted considerable strain on company finances.  Many of these systems had inbuilt reports and companies needs to maintain a group of highly trained professionals to develop new reports. The business users cannot take full advantage of user defined reports from such systems, since they are not familiar with data entity names  of the data warehouse.

We at Aroha Research Technology Inc. decided to change the landscape with Aroha Product Data Mart on cloud. We realized the cost efficiency of a cloud computing environment and  designed Aroha Product Data Mart for cloud. We started of with an open schema – BRIDG Model for the data warehouse. The schema is built on a Master Data Management System to take advantage of security and data integrity. The MDM system readily interfaces with common office tool like Microsoft Excel. The combination of an open data model and familiar tool like Excel provides users with limitless possibilities of extracting relevant data on time to respond to a query from a regulator or to make business decisions.

With Aroha Product Data Mart, we have developed an affordable, accessible approach to product data management that will set the standard in the pharmaceutical, bio-tech and medical device industries for years to come.