Big Data Growth

– Emil Sayegh, CEO Codero, says:
With Codero Hosting’s customer base growing rapidly, the demand for high performance cloud, dedicated hosting and On-Demand Hybrid Cloud services has been growing along with it. To accommodate that big data growth, Codero recently opened a new flagship data center in the Dallas-Fort Worth area – the company’s fourth data center in the country.
The new Tier 3 state-of-the-art hybrid-ready facility provides Codero customers with better access to all of Codero’s hosting solutions. Its design and architecture enable full redundancy, high-performance, rapid provisioning and seamless scalability. Additionally, the data center’s DFW location is another perk. DFW is the hub of connectivity for U.S. bandwidth and offers all of the industry’s latest technology. The data center is getting everything from the best in power and cooling to density, as well as multiple bandwidth providers, flexibility in labor pool and unbeatable power costs.
Codero COO, Robert Autenrieth, was closely involved in both selecting and building out the DFW data center. According to Autenrieth, the new DFW data center is “all about customers who require world-class performance, reliability and scalability running on the most advanced networking technology infrastructure. Whether it’s bare metal dedicated servers, public cloud, private cloud or our patented On-Demand Hybrid Cloud technology – we’ve expanded our data center footprint to support it all.”
Some top features of the SSAE 16 data center include:
·       State-of-the-art networking design and architecture, fully redundant and high-performing to natively enable the industry’s only true hybrid hosting on-demand
·       10 gigabit/sec switches throughout, running to the rack and server for maximum performance and future upgradability
·       Access to on-site 138kV power substation delivering dual-feed 12.47kV utility power from two independent utility substations to guarantee strong uptime
·       24×7 Codero technical operations on-site to ensure network performance and rapid provisioning of servers with the help of Codero’s automation layer
·       6,900 kW of UPS power for continuity of operations in case of power outages
·       High quality power of 2500 kVA delivered by 480V service
·       Four 625 kVA UPS systems configured as 2N for maximum reliability
·       Sixteen 150-ton RTUs configured as N+1 for optimum cooling and reliability
·       Nine fiber providers located within data center campus
·       Double interlock pre-action sprinkler system and overhead and under-floor smoke detection for optimum fire protection
As of today, the Codero DFW data center has several anchor tenants with hundreds of servers and devices currently deployed. Discounts are available for the first 100 customers of Codero DFW. Visit and chat with a hosting expert for more details.