Until recently, Internet service providers (ISPs), content providers and enterprises in the southeastern U.S. have been struggling with a fragmented local peering market. But thanks to a recent development in Atlanta, it will soon become far easier and cost-effective to exchange IP traffic throughout the metro region.

EdgeConneX® has announced a new partnership with Community IX and its new Atlanta-based Internet Exchange, CIX-ATL, which will result in the construction of a connectivity node in the EdgeConneX Atlanta Edge Data Center® (EDC). Located just outside of downtown Atlanta, the 29,800-square-foot EDC was specifically built to offer customers a secure colocation facility capable of delivering content and applications to local-market consumers with minimal latency.

Competing with an incumbent provider, Community IX is working to piece together the peering-fragmented market with a cost-effective, distributed switching fabric spread over six different data centers, including the EdgeConneX Atlanta EDC. With the deployment of this new node, EdgeConneX will be able to localize traffic to the surrounding metro market and offer tenants a wider range of peering opportunities. The exchange is currently accepting new members at CIX-ATL, and port fees will be waived until September 2018.

“Community IX is dedicated to improving interconnection across the Southeast and we are excited to have CIX-ATL deployed with EdgeConneX in their Atlanta facility,” stated Dave Temkin, Chairman of the Board, Community IX.  “This partnership greatly expands peering in the Atlanta metro area and allows EdgeConneX customers to experience a superior Internet experience.”

EdgeConneX chief commercial officer Clint Heiden also commented on the partnership.

“EdgeConneX is honored to be a part of the initial CIX-ATL rollout across Atlanta, and we are excited to continue expanding our peering opportunities throughout the Southeast,” explained Mr. Heiden. “It’s our goal to offer a wide range of advanced interconnection opportunities with exceptional connectivity services across our entire portfolio of EDCs.  This partnership is instrumental in our venture to continue facilitating an open and cost-effective peering system for EdgeConneX tenants.”

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