Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Rich Miller.

STERLING, Va. – CyrusOne describes its data centers as “the sky for the cloud.” As IT customers use more cloud, even more “sky” will be required.

That’s why CyrusOne is building huge data centers like Sterling V, its newest facility in Northern Virginia. As you walk into the first data hall, a seemingly endless field of raised floor stretches before you. The room spans 60,000 square feet, which until recently would be a respectable size for an entire data center. The data hall, which has been fully pre-leased, supports 9 megawatts of IT capacity.

But this is just one of the four customer data halls in the first phase of Sterling V. Upon completion, the facility will support up to 540,000 square feet of raised-floor space, enough to house tens of thousands of servers and storage units.

CyrusOne is building big and building fast. The company is on the forefront of a trend in which the world’s largest hyperscale Internet companies have begun leasing cloud capacity from data center developers, rather than building their own server farms.

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