DataGrydIn a recent article that appeared in Crain’s New York Business, journalist Matthew Flamm explored the current growth surge throughout the Big Apple’s technology sector. Citing nearly a dozen organizations, from up-and-coming and innovative e-commerce and advertising technology companies, to venture capital investment database and tech-focused boutique legal firms, Flamm is especially bullish on technology across the New York metro area.

Among the companies Flamm called out for their high growth and demand for services is DataGryd, a leader in data center development and operations based in Manhattan. DataGryd, which offers built-to-suit colocation opportunities to incoming tenants, recently announced the completion of infrastructure updates at its 60 Hudson facility.

As the largest single footprint data center available in New York, DataGryd’s Open-IX OIX-2-certified 60 Hudson Street data center is designed to meet the increasing demand for data processing and storage centers in New York’s urban market, one of the world’s most concentrated hubs of internet connectivity. Leveraging 15 megawatts of primary power and the latest infrastructure updates in cooling and backup within DataGryd’s 60 Hudson Street facility in Lower Manhattan have resulted in 180,000 square-feet of immediately available colocation space. Its enhanced infrastructure systems also provide tenants with superior reliability via redundant power and state-of-the-art monitoring, features that resonate with energy conscious and eco-friendly minded organizations that require maximum uptime.

As DataGryd CEO Peter Feldman told Crain’s, “I’ve had to expedite my development plan because of the growth. Everybody in the world needs data.”

DataGryd’s 60 Hudson data center delivers access to over 300 interconnected carriers and exchanges, with multiple Points of Entry (POEs) from diverse data network providers and direct fiber conduits. The high-density colocation space uses a proprietary MicroGryd ™ technology, offering dual contingencies and delivering the highest value in energy efficiency with direct primary utility feeds offering up to 12,000 kW of power.

The facility also offers a turn-key, high-power data center space known as the MegaSuite, which provides technology-driven operational efficiencies that result in reduced costs for entry and power. Each suite is tenant-optimized, delivering low operational and capital expenses to maximize clients’ capital preservation. In addition, DataGryd recently developed its Cloud Core Ecology ™ Solution (Cx2),  an on-demand space that leverages fortified colocation facilities and custom suites with minimal deployment requirements for burgeoning cloud providers.

In Manhattan, there is growing number of cloud solution providers, networks and data centers. But only DataGryd provides a full suite of flexible, pay-as-you-grow solutions combined with almost unlimited global network capacity specifically designed with cloud providers in mind. While DataGryd’s strategically located data center offers cloud providers the critical space and power they require for deployment, it also provides unprecedented access to one of the world’s largest enterprise markets for interconnectivity to enable cloud, Hybrid cloud, or private cloud computing, which in New York City is largely untapped. With many enterprises accelerating their cloud strategies, the demand for DataGryd’s services is projected to continue to rise.