China, a nation of 1.4 billion people, is an enormous market, representing more than 20 percent of the world’s online community. Additionally, China’s major cloud service providers, including Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu, are poised to deliver Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications online, even as the Chinese government has opened the telecom industry to private companies and has launched various initiatives to support the development of AI and IoT-related technologies to boost economic growth.

Against this backdrop, Chayora recently announced it is nearing completion of Phase 1 of its TJ1 Data Centre at its hyperscale campus in Beichen, northern Tianjin.  Chayora’s Tianjin hyperscale data center campus will serve the greater Beijing region that is home to more than 150 million people in the JingJinJi mega-metropolitan area of northern China. The TJ1 build will be completed in September 2018, with customer-bespoke data hall fit out works able to commence in August and live operations beginning in Q1 2019. Simultaneously, foundation works for Phase 2 of the first facility are now underway with the second TJ2 Data Centre build already being planned. The 300MW, 32-hectare / 80-acre campus will ultimately comprise nine major data center facilities. 

“We are delighted by the response of industry stakeholders to our Tianjin hyperscale data centre campus, including numerous enquiries from international cloud, technology and colocation provider customers,” stated Oliver Jones, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Chayora.  “We can enable these enterprises to establish their footprint in China with design, construction and operations delivered to international standards, and we can serve diverse needs and entities given the scale of our hyperscale campuses.  We can also see Chayora’s Tianjin campus’ capacity to become a prime hub for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning organisations given our masterplan features three high performance computing data centre facilities alongside the six hyperscale primary centres.  The first project has progressed very well, and Phase 1 of our first facility is planned for completion in September 2018.  We hope that we are demonstrating our commitment to deliver and execute with the same speed and reliability that is common in other parts of the world.” 

Corresponding with the central government and Chinese industry launching a series of AI initiatives in recent months, Tianjin recently announced the establishment of USD $16 billion fund to spur the development of AI technology in the province. Moreover, China’s State Council recently called for the nation to become “the world’s primary AI innovation center by 2030” in a policy blueprint issued last year.

In addition to ensuring the most reliable route to business engagement and assisting companies to manage and optimize regulatory and licensing obstacles, Chayora delivers the necessary infrastructure to meet the SLAs of international technology businesses, cloud services and colocation providers. The company’s hyperscale campuses are ready for data center construction and immediate connection to the domestic internet. All Chayora sites are carrier neutral with fiber connected to world-class standards and have fully provisioned power from grid as well as from renewable sources wherever available. 

As Chayora continues to develop its Tianjin hyperscale data center campus, the company is already planning construction of a second hyperscale campus, a 280MW data center campus that will serve the greater Shanghai region. 

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