John Hanahan, VP, product management, Enterasys, a premier global provider of wired and wireless network infrastructure and security solutions, says:

The buzz in the IT world has been all about mobile, social and cloud and we’re now seeing the impact it is having on the data center. Enterprises simply can’t manage them successfully in the ways they would have in years past. Today, enterprises require a simplified architecture that allows IT the use of common tools, products, protocols and standards across the whole network infrastructure, reducing cost and risk without sacrificing flexibility and agility.
This sentiment is reinforced by some thoughts from Gartner, “IT organizations must focus on data center architecture to keep the business running. Optimal data center design ensures smooth IT operations, high availability, security, network connectivity, and energy efficiency.” This sentiment was also echoed by our customer base and as a result, Enterasys recently introduced the latest generation of OneFabric Data Center to address each of these points.
OneFabric Data Center is a unified architecture that empowers administrators to fully automate the data center fabric and orchestrate it with any server or storage component in the enterprise data center – physical or virtual. The enhancements include 14 new switch modules for the S-Series Data Center/Core switches and four new Top-of-Rack 7100-Series switches. Major software features and enhancements include additional data center standard support, as well as updates to the OneFabric Control Center, delivering unified management and control based on a Software Defined Networking (SDN) architecture for virtual, physical, wired and wireless networks through a single pane of glass.
OneFabric Data Center is the industry’s most flexible and intelligent solution that also simplifies complex data center processes. Its Virtual Machine (VM) vendor agnostic and its architecture delivers data center automation and orchestration to easily and flexibly provision the network to improve efficiencies and reduce OpEx. On top of that, the solution delivers simplified private cloud management via the Enterasys Data Center Manager and innovative service integration through OneFabric Connect SDN.
From a channel perspective, OneFabric Data Center also presents opportunities. One challenge many resellers face is a lack of integration within the tools they are selling. Most data center solutions aren’t built for the mid-market even though that’s their sweet spot. This means partners have to force-fit overprovisioned and overly complex solutions into their mid-market customers. OneFabric Data Center provides integration with other solutions that channel partners already sell like VMware or servers. Also, the SDN functionality enables solution selling and delivery of the integration services that are important to the channel.

For enterprises looking for optimal performance with ease, look no further than OneFabric Data Center.