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About Arcadian 

Arcadian is an infrastructure company building and operating long-haul fiber routes connecting major metro data centers. Their purposeful routing of fiber through rural and tribal lands provides much-needed national network diversity for large-scale data clients while synergistically enabling opportunities for improved broadband access and economic development in many underserved communities along their routes.

The INCOMPAS Program Covers Generative AI 

With the demand for high-speed connectivity escalating, Arcadian understands that generative AI is becoming a key driver for advancing fiber capacity on both existing routes and greenfield builds to emerging data center locations.

Their forward-thinking approach addresses the growing power demands of AI model training data centers while enhancing capacity, resiliency, and location granularity for edge computing – supporting end-user access to AI inference models.

Industries Served

Arcadian is dedicated to serving underserved communities, particularly in remote rural and tribal areas, with a multifaceted approach. Specifically, the lower population density of the western United States has an increasingly high number of these communities due to population density patterns and the geography of the western United States. Recognizing the challenges this poses, Arcadian’s commitment to deploying fiber networks in these areas demonstrates their dedication to inclusivity.

Regional Focus

Their collaboration with the Pueblo of Laguna in New Mexico resulted in the successful acquisition of State of New Mexico funds for a Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) network, connecting all homes and businesses within the Pueblo to high-speed fiber optic internet. Arcadian’s active involvement in greenfield fiber backbone and middle-mile route development across the United States means they’re expanding connectivity where it’s needed most.

Leadership Presence 

Beyond innovation, Arcadian is committed to fostering diversity and leadership within the telecom and digital infrastructure industry. Recognizing the impending talent gap due to senior leaders retiring and insufficient growth in emerging talent, Arcadian has taken proactive measures to address this issue. They have spearheaded initiatives to raise awareness about the industry’s diversity challenges and create platforms at major industry events to nurture a more diverse talent pool, with a particular emphasis on promoting women leaders.

At the helm of Arcadian is CEO Dan Davis, a recognized thought leader in the industry. His recent appearance on the Broadband Bunch Podcast, titled “Long Haul Fiber: Delivering Access and Economic Development to Underserved Communities,” reflects the company’s commitment to driving positive change in the industry.

Speak With The Arcadian Team

If you want to learn more about Arcadian and their innovative initiatives, you can reach out to Josie Taylor at or call her at 225-252-1420.