Aqua Comms, a leading provider of global subsea connectivity services, launched CelticConnect-2 (CC-2) and North Sea Connect (NSC) as part of its ownership of the Havhingsten cable system. CC-2 is now the second unrepeatered system of Aqua Comms between Ireland and the UK with diverse landings into the Isle of Man (IOM). Aqua Comms CC-1 and CC-2 systems provide customers with high-capacity connectivity between major hubs for carrier, cloud and content markets. 

Aqua Comms NSC system delivers diversity between the UK and the Nordics connecting the Stellium Data Center at D9’s SeaEdge-1 in Newcastle, UK and Blaabjerg, Denmark which is home to Aqua Comm’s AEC-2 Trans-Atlantic cable system. Combined with the CC-2 system, NSC completes Aqua Comms North Atlantic Loop, offering next generations cable systems and diverse routing capabilities from the United States, Ireland, the UK and continental Europe. 

Aqua Comms CC-2 and NSC systems connect Ireland, the UK and the Nordics, avoiding major congestion within the English Channel. Aqua Comms continued investment in providing resilient, high fibre count and connectivity services to key markets and enhancing the Trans-Atlantic footprint. Aqua Comm’s CC-2 and NSC systems further support the needs of global carriers, cloud-based networks, data centres and content providers.  Aqua Comms has plans for further investment and expansion in underserved markets with its rollout of AEC-3 and EMIC-1. 

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