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Aqua CommsThe highly anticipated subsea fiber-optic cable network, America Europe Connect (AEConnect), from Aqua Comms Limited, is now live and providing high-speed transatlantic connectivity for its first customer.

A 100G-compliant network running at speeds of up to 13 Tbps (or 130×100 Gbps) per fiber pair, AEConnect is designed to help global data centers, carriers, financial service companies, cloud and content providers, as well as web-scale providers and Over-the-Top (OTT) companies, handle their ever-increasing bandwidth demands.

AEConnect was created to revolutionize subsea connectivity between the major markets of New York City and London. It’s one of the first subsea cables constructed between the two metropolises in about 12 years. Since most legacy systems that are currently in place were only designed for 10G connectivity, and in some cases 2.5G service, AEConnect is a major improvement over the cable systems that have been active since the turn of the 21st century.

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