Gates and Allen, Hewlett and Packard, Jobs and Wozniak. Some partnerships produce astounding results. But whether it’s two idealistic visionaries or a holistic collaboration between innovative companies, a symbiotic relationship can deliver remarkable products and services that transform the marketplace.

Earlier this year, a new dynamic duo was established that is enhancing the world of Internet peering and cloud interconnection on a global scale. Playing off of each other’s core strengths, Megaport’s US subsidiary signed an alliance agreement to become the exclusive global elastic cloud interconnection partner for AMS-IX. AMS-IX will in turn provide its Internet Exchange peering service in key Megaport-enabled markets across the globe.

The robust partnership provides customers with a wide range of Mark Cooper_AMS-IX_with Titleinterconnection use-cases including multi-cloud connectivity, exchange of IP traffic peering, API-based ordering and right-sizing of capacity based on customer requirements. Customers can access the AMS-IX peering service across the Megaport fabrics, while customers of AMS-IX’s Internet Exchanges can take advantage of Megaport’s elastic connectivity solutions to network and leading cloud service providers including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The partnership will bring Megaport’s elastic cloud interconnection services to existing AMS-IX markets including Amsterdam. The pact also solves industry fragmentation of Internet peering services by connecting the two companies’ fabrics to create greater reach to key peering locations. Furthermore, AMS-IX and Megaport share a similar company culture and strategic direction focused on future growth, making them especially compatible. Currently, Megaport already offers the AMS-IX peering service to its customers in Chicago, New York and the San Francisco Bay Area in the U.S.

Connecting the AMS-IX and Megaport fabrics creates greater opportunity for Internet peers to reach desired content, cloud services and end-user networks. So if you are you attending ITW 2016 and would like to learn more about the partnership between AMS-IX and Megaport, email to set up a one-on-one meeting with company representatives.