Ivar Sagemo, CEO, AIMS Innovation, says:

As enterprises grow, they rely on complex, extensive IT infrastructure to keep traffic and data flowing smoothly from one component of the enterprise to another;  from databases to servers, to the cloud.  To date, the task of linking these disparate systems together has remained relatively straightforward.  However with the recent introduction of the cloud and the BYOD environment, systems integration costs will soon exceed the costs of individual components.  Both Gartner and Ovum are predicting that Integration costs will overtake application costs  by 2018. The industry challenge will be to keep IT costs down, yet maintain networks sufficiently to prevent downtime.

 AIMS Innovation(www.aimsinnovation.com),  is launching the first intelligent monitoring solution that can, not only help enterprises solve the problem of keeping integration costs down, it also manages to monitor the systems that keep enterprise information flowing.  The product, called Advanced Integrated Monitoring System (AIMS), will launch to the US market on June 24th, 2013.  After an easy, quick download, AIMS roams through a company’s software systems and pinpoints the best alert thresholds that provide time for any needed action.  If enterprise traffic or performance counters deviate from the predetermined levels, this triggers AIMS Innovation’s proprietary real-time algorithms and an alert is sent to relevant IT team members.   It’s the only solution in the market that automatically sets dynamic thresholds and identifies issues right down to the business component. It cuts IT monitoring time and ensures smooth transfer of data across and between organizations.

AIMS Innovation deployments in large enterprises indicate cost reductions in IT operational efficiencies alone of up to 50% representing costs savings of  $800,000 dollars annually (for a medium to large-sized enterprise with 1 billion USD in revenue.)  Additionally, estimates indicate improvements in system uptime and optimization that can easily reach up to $1 million dollars annually.  The first solution is tailored for Microsoft Biz Talk.

For more information visit AIMS Innovation at www.aimsinnovation.com or see the news at: http://www.aimsinnovation.com/news/