Data Center POST Interview with Antje Tauchmann, Head of Marketing for maincubes 

By Community Manager Jamie White

Antje Tauchmann is the Head of Marketing for maincubes, a carrier-neutral, high-availability data center operator in Frankfurt and Amsterdam, which is also part of the medium-sized Zech Group, Bremen. maincubes is a Founding Member of the Independent Data Center Alliance (IND-DCA) aiming to share resources and increase the data center industry’s visibility on the market. As an important leader at maincubes, Antje has been responsible for operational marketing and corporate communications since 2017 and just a year later was appointed to the board of the GERMAN DATACENTER ASSOCIATION. Antje brings an extensive background to maincubes which includes publishing production, engineering, managing, and communications in the areas of health, travel, and IT. maincubes, founded in 2012 and headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, is part of the German investor and real estate developer Art-Invest. maincubes is known for its network of high-availability data centers of various sizes and types in Europe, enabling it to provide colocation services and secure ecosystems for the digital future of customers across various industries. Via the secureexchange®  digital platform customers and partners of maincubes can use IT services worldwide such as IoT, (cyber) security and connectivity as well as cloud services to expand their business opportunities. maincubes offers secure, efficient and user-friendly services – and a secure home for data. 

We had the privilege of discussing the future of AI with Antje who provided us with the vision of how AI should be implemented and a timeline for its success.

Data Center POST, Jamie White (DCP-JW) Question: How do you think Artificial Intelligence will change the way data centers operate?

maincubes, Antje Tacumann (maincubes-AT) Answer: Artificial intelligence (AI) is the driver of the data center generation 4.0 – and thus decisive for the success of colocation providers who don’t want to miss the boat. Optimization of power consumption and server cooling, automatic control of the infrastructure, predictive maintenance or intelligent cybersecurity: these are central fields in which data center operators should think AI today. Because companies – increasingly AI-driven themselves – expect increasingly smarter solutions from their external data centers in order to increase efficiency, reduce costs and automate processes. This also helps them to cushion the personnel bottlenecks common in the industry. 

DCP-JW Q: When do you think your vision of AI in the data center will become a reality?

maincubes-AT A: AI in data centers will still have to undergo a longer maturation process. AI solutions must not stop at the data center infrastructure. They must be able to scale up to the customer rack. I think we won’t have truly market-ready AI solutions for 3 to 5 years.

DCP-JW Q: What are some examples of AI in the datacenter today that are being implemented and how is it working out? 

maincubes-AT A: The OCP (Open Compute Project) Experience Center, housed in the maincubes data center in Amsterdam, is a demo and testing facility that is pioneering the development of intelligent technologies and state-of-the-art hardware: data center operators can try out new concepts and hardware technologies for a particular efficient infrastructure in order to prepare themselves for the future.   

DCP-JW Q: Thank you so much for your time, Antje. maincubes is certainly advancing the way data center operators improve performance and efficiency with AI in a step by step process through community collaboration between professionals combined with open access. You are indeed making persistent forward progress into the future. 

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