Written by Rita Mailheau, Contributing Writer, iMiller Public Relations

Data Center POST recently traveled to WISPAmerica 2019, an event bringing together Internet Service Providers (ISP), industry experts and leading suppliers to network, inspire and discuss innovations in the Wireless ISP sphere. While there, we attended a presentation that we know will help anyone looking to grow their WISP and build lasting relationships with customers.

At Data Center POST, we believe that the consistent following of good customer care practices can yield great rewards, both in business growth and in personal satisfaction. A happy customer is a returning customer, and a powerful source for new business. Word of mouth is ranked in the top two positions for what influences buying decisions, and is 10x more effective than advertising. These are:

  1. Positive feedback from family and friends
  2. Customer opinions posted online

That’s WHY customer service is essential to a growing WISP. Followed consistently, customer care can transform a business to thrive. That’s why; here’s HOW.

Point One: Follow These Steps to Ensure Optimal Customer Service

Plan these steps into your work process. Start small and add as you go. (Print a copy and keep it close to your phone.)

  • Show Courtesy
  • Look for ways to improve service
  • Treat customers as you would want to be treated
  • Feel-good culture brings people back, satisfaction sells
  • Sell products with the intention of making the customer experience better
  • Close the sale on the customer’s terms
  • Be open to suggestions for improvement and capture compliments for growth
  • Show appreciation

Point Two: Remember Respect Wins Every Time

Courtesy and polite behavior are the carrier wave of success. No matter how emotional a customer may be in the moment, your polite responses will linger long after they cool down. A friendly smile and relaxed tone, the use of a person’s last name, and exceptional listening skills can go a long way to making a customer feel at ease.

Statements like: How may I help you solve this problem? Are pure gold.

Always seek to find a solution before the call or meeting ends.

Point Three: Remember that details matter

Document every call and log a ticket for any unresolved issues. Look up that customer before proceeding with a phone call. Tracking customer history in your system ensures that important information is not missed when someone else is covering phones on your behalf.

Point Four: Customers remember what you say, be wise

Callous remarks can never be called back. Even when the problem is on the customer’s end, a patient response and attentive service, especially with older people who are not tech savvy, goes a long way to winning repeat business.

Point Five: Always leave customers feeling you care

Don’t underestimate the value of positive assurances like: I’m determined to help you solve this issue; Is there something more I can help you with today; or We appreciate your business, thanks for subscribing to our Internet service.

These simple kindnesses can go a long way in building trust with the people you encounter each day.

Point Six: Upsell !!!!

When customers understand your range of services, they often want more. Make it a practice to make these solutions known. Make it a practice to mention these at appropriate times in customer conversations.

  • Can I tell you about another service we offer that could make your internet faster?
  • Do you stream Netflix or game on the net? I can help you get a speed that makes it faster.

Point Seven: Close the deal

Strike while the iron is hot. Bring your customer to a point of decision. Along with product benefits, be sure to give interested customers a next step. Set up a service appointment. Though they may not be ready to act right away, let them know about upcoming specials or give them a coupon to redeem within 30 days.

  • Can I schedule an upgrade for you?
  • Would you like to lock in that special rate?
  • Can I send you the agreement to get the process going?

When asked, it can be surprising how many people say yes. Give them the opportunity to enjoy a better experience. Make sure to save the names of interested customers in your database for alerts about new products and specials.

Point Eight: Referrals Matter!

Leverage positive feedback and compliments from customers. You’ve earned it! Encourage them to log their satisfaction on Yelp or at the Better Business Bureau. Save these compliments along with names, for testimonials on your website. And, create referral credits for those who recommend you to family and friends.

Customer care is a simple practice that over time will snowball benefits of a thriving business and good reputation. Pick one strategy and start. Add more over time. These habits will serve your customers and grow your business at the same time.

Have strong customer service tips of your own?  Share in a comment – we would love to hear from you.  Your opinion matters!  (see how nice that feels?).