Data Center POST recently interviewed Jeremy Pease, CEO of Colohouse, a leading provider of colocation, cloud, bare metal, and managed services, about his vision for the industry and plans for the upcoming DICE South 2023. In our conversation, he opens up about Colohouse’s exciting new solutions, recent rebranding, and the critical ‘People First’ philosophy that serves as the backbone of their operation. Read on to delve deeper into the exciting new developments at Colohouse as we approach DICE South 2023.

Data Center POST (DCP) Question: DICE events focus on the lifecycle of data center development – from concept through to completion, infrastructure management (DCIM), to systems and operations. What side of the business are you in and why does that matter?

Jeremy Pease, CEO, Colohouse (JP) Answer: Colohouse is on the infrastructure management, systems, and operations. Colohouse customers rely on us to help their business monitor, maintain, and manage their systems, uptime, and availability. 

DCP Q: More with more is the industry’s saying. More Compute with more efficiency is the end-user ask, how is your business adapting to enable this demand?  

JP A: At Colohouse, we’ve tailored our offerings to meet these evolving needs through:

  1. Customized bare metal solutions, which are equipped with specific computational functions. These solutions are augmented with automated systems, allowing developers to do what they need to do.
  2. Cloud solutions that establish a scalable, manageable virtual environment, tailored to the customer’s unique requirements.

In doing so, we’ve established a harmony between cost-efficiency and high-performance standards.

DCP Q: What core markets do you operate in and what are the key opportunities/challenges in these markets and how are you adapting to address them?

JP A: Our main data center locations are Miami, FL, Orangeburg, NY, Chicago, IL, and Colorado Springs, CO with metal offerings in those locations as well as Albany, NY, and Amsterdam, Netherlands. We also offer cloud in Atlanta, GA and Phoenix, AZ. 

Every major metropolitan market we serve has a premium carrier hotel, such as 350 Cermak in Chicago or Nap of the Americas in Miami. We strategically choose facilities located in close proximity to these hubs to provide our customers with cost-effective dark fiber that can offer our customers large-scale colocation footprints without compromising on latency.

Our Colorado Springs and Orangeburg facilities are ideally situated to cater to space requirements outside of Denver and Manhattan. At Colohouse, we are continually working towards fulfilling our customers’ power and space needs.

DCP Q: What are you most looking forward to sharing about your company at the Bisnow DICE events this year?

JP A: Colohouse has recently undergone a massive brand refresh this past May, and our website has been revamped to better align with our go-to-market strategy. We are excited about launching major cloud initiatives to enhance our cloud capabilities, alongside new bare metal offerings. We are looking to compete and be a part of the bigger ecosystem in the data center market. 

DCP Q: What else would you like for our readers to know that you haven’t already shared about your company?  

JP A: We are looking to deliver outcomes, not just IT infrastructure solutions and services. Above all, we want the industry to understand that we are a “People First” organization. We take care of our people and, by extension, we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering a customer-centric approach to running our organization.

We encourage readers to check out our website to learn more about our colo, cloud, and services, we are available on chat to answer any questions or email us at and we will get your questions to the right person.  

If you want to learn more about DICE South, please visit: here. The event takes place August 2, 2023 in Dallas, Texas

To learn more about Colohouse, check out their website here

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