Originally posted on Data Center Frontier by Rich Miller


Google has been building bigger data centers for more than a decade. But it’s about to turn the dial up to 11.

The company is ramping up its data center capacity, with plans to add 12 new compute regions for Google Cloud Platform over the next year.

The expansion, announced today  ahead of Google’s GCPNEXT 2016 user conference, is meant to help Google’s cloud compete with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

“We’re opening these new regions to help Cloud Platform customers deploy services and applications nearer to their own customers, for lower latency and greater responsiveness,” said Varun Sakalkar, product manager for Google Cloud Platform. “With these new regions, even more applications become candidates to run on Cloud Platform.”

The rapid growth of cloud computing has spurred a building boom for the major Internet platforms, as Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook are all super-sizing their cloud campuses to add data center capacity. Meanwhile, developers of third-party data center space are also scaling up their operations so they can lease space to cloud builders.

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