5 Technology Trends to Keep Your Data SecureIn the dynamic world of business, an important criterion is to protect your company’s data. With data breaches in the news almost daily, large corporations as well as small and mid-sized companies need to protect their data. As large corporations put rigorous protection in place, hackers target the small and mid-size companies that may not suspect they are vulnerable. Because a small company can go out of business with a severe data breach, it is vital to protect their data as much as the large corporation.


Systems Governance indicates the regulation and management of a company’s information systems. Its data objectives are defined and controlled through procedures and rules. Objectives in system security are incorporated in governance and comprise a vital component of protection against cybercriminals. Governance provides the ability to observe and control the system according to company policy. Programs like those provided by Stealthbits and other companies can help with governance and other issues.

Protecting Customer Data

To protect customer data, use strong passwords that are a minimum of eight characters containing numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters and symbols on the keyboard. Encrypt all data and restrict access to vital personnel. Antivirus should be installed on the company’s computers and mobile devices the employee uses to access data. When moving or storing data, do it with a secure process and location.

Protect Data with a Security Log

Monitoring traffic and generating a fundamental log of security-related information to report any suspicious activity is vital to safeguarding your system. Points of sale, workstations and servers as well as any other vulnerable level should be scrutinized.

Various Levels of Security

Use various forms and levels of security by keeping anti-malware up to date, employ firewalls, schedule security patches as you determine. Eliminate constant profile scanning that can affect performance at endpoints by creating a baseline at endpoints with a software record.

Test Your Security System

Monitor and test your security system continually. This protects vital configuration files from unauthorized changes. Then you will be able to find any vulnerabilities within the system and take appropriate action. When employees have file rights and are approved to access files, you’ll be able to see any weaknesses software updates may create. This visibility provides information before running a penetration test. This determines the type of penetration test to run.

The Importance of Data Protection

Using these tools as well as others that are available can determine success in your business. A customer whose data is compromised or a company whose sales stop due to a security breach can drive home the importance of data protection.