Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Voices of the Industry.

In this edition of Voices of the Industry, Jeff Klaus, General Manager of Data Center Solutions at Intel, offers three tips for successful data health management for the coming year.

Data is one of the most valuable assets for present-day companies, making data centers one of the most important pieces of hardware in their arsenal. As businesses become more data-driven and the need for flexibility, safety and efficiency grows, data center managers must implement a system to monitor the health of their data center to keep processes running smooth and effectively. Companies unable to complete these regular ‘health checks’ in real-time are exposed to costly downtime if an issue arises, increasing their overall vulnerability and business risk.

We recently partnered with Siemens to commission a study carried out by Morar Consulting which polled the opinions of 200 data center managers in the UK and US and found nearly one in ten businesses do not have a data center health management program in place. In order to prevent costly downtime in the New Year, here are three strategies data center managers can implement to achieve successful data health management.

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