Originally posted to Forbes

Social media marketing offers a massive potential customer base to brands that use it right. However, it can sometimes be difficult to get social media “right.” There are so many elements that contribute to social media success that it’s easy to implement one or more of them poorly.

If social engagement on a brand’s page is lower than expected, it’s a sign that they might be doing something wrong. At that point, it becomes a challenge to locate which of the elements of good social media practice is affected. To help, 15 experts from Forbes Agency Council explore the most common things that a marketing team facing low engagement numbers might have gotten wrong in their social channels.

1. Failing To Connect And Engage

The key to high engagement is consistent, current and engaging content. Remember, audiences want authenticity, creativity, education, entertainment, humor and lifestyle on a daily basis — so create content that is unique, think outside of the box and hit these key elements in your posts and captions. Be different; tell your brand story so you connect with your audiences. – Sherri Nourse, Ambition Media

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