Data Center POST interview with Frank J. Zachmann,  Executive Director of 1025Connect

 By Contributing Editor Sarah Chamberlain

Frank J. Zachmann is the new Executive Director of 1025Connect – a premier, carrier-neutral interconnection facility located on Long Island, NY (US). Frank runs the business with a focus on developing this data center into a globally known, central connection point between North America and Europe.  The facility delivers access to premier connectivity and internet exchange points with reach to 1,000’s of individual networks globally. Frank is a seasoned data-center industry professional, and has worked as a senior executive for global companies, as well as running his own, award-winning service provider and consultancy business. His management background in Information Communication Technology (ICT) over the last 15 years has amply prepared him to step into competitive leadership positions, such as Vice President of Business Development EMEA at Equinix; Group Director Marketing and Strategy at Interxion and Country Manager for Exodus Communications.

Data Center POST recently had the opportunity to help us ‘Discover the new 1025Connect.”  In our discussion, Frank shares insights on the company’s new management team, its goals for dense interconnectivity, the Continental Edge, how these will benefit customers and what the company hopes to achieve in the future.

Data Center POST, Sarah Chamberlain (DCP-SC) Question: Tell our readers what problems 1025Connect is attempting to solve right now?

1025Connect, Frank J. Zachmann (1C-FZ) Answer: Thank you for allowing us to help you Discover the new 1025Connect.  As we kick-off 2019, we we have a new management team made up of a  group of dynamic leaders that are inviting customers and partners alike to re-imagine what colocation and interconnectivity means for their business.. With an impressive uptime track record, our premier facility is undergoing a transformative upgrade that is scalable allowing ample room for growth, while providing reliable 24/7 supervision and delivering upon project lead times shorter than market standards.  Located in a prime area where terrestrial and subsea systems meet, 1025Connect is aiming to become the most interconnection-dense facility on Long Island. Strong and reliable connectivity changes everything and we are honored to call companies such as DE-CIX and Epsilon our customers, allowing for simplified connectivity that enables customers to access 1,000’s of networks, an array of cloud service providers and access communication solutions to power the digital economy. Additionally, along with key partners, we are proud to offer the Continental Edge, the easternmost peering point in the New York metro area facing Europe. Not only do we offer the fastest route between the United States and Europe but this marks the first access point to terrestrial onward connection the most modern subsea systems in-service today.

DCP-SC Q: What milestones has the company achieved and how will these developments help 1025Connect keep up with the demands of the quickly growing and ever-changing telecommunications industry?

1C-FZ A: One of the biggest milestone 1025Connect has achieved was the formation of the Continental Edge. The Continental Edge – the easternmost direct Interconnectivity point between Europe and the United States – is a best-of-breed holistic communications infrastructure solution enabling access to colocation, subsea network, direct cloud connections, and internet peering with automated network provisioning capabilities. In partnership with four premier companies, the Continental Edge allows our customers to design, provision and manage network connectivity, access to the shortest subsea route between the United States and Ireland along with inter data center, cloud and internet exchange connections and more.

DCP-SC Q: What are you most looking forward to accomplishing at PTC’19?

1C-FZ A: We are most looking forward to helping the industry ‘Discover the new 1025Connect’ and learn about our expanded capabilities.  The opportunity for networking that PTC’19 has to offer is paramount in the success of ensuring our message is heard and received. We look forward to what is sure to be another great event.

DCP-SC Q: Thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions, Frank. We look forward to continuing to ‘Discover the new 1025Connect’ as well.   To learn more about 1025Connect, please visit