Brian Musil, founder of Recycle Your Media (, says:

How can RecycleYourMedia impact data centers?

Recycle Your Media offers all tape media using data centers a way to offset costs and recoup IT expenses while remaining environmentally conscious. The current economic climate strongly suggests that companies must, now more than ever, concentrate on budget concerns and financial modesty. Recycle Your Media will buy used data tape media allowing companies to recoup initial IT expenses. At the same time, the same corporations are able to purchase recertified media at a fraction of the cost of new tape media. It is a time in which businesses all have a corporate responsibility to protect the environment. When a company chooses to recycle its used tape media to Recycle Your Media, the company is also choosing to contribute to the elimination of e-waste.

What do our readers need to know about your company?

Recycle Your Media has been based in Newport Beach, Ca since 2005. RYM purchases used tape media for recycling purposes in addition to selling recertified tape media globally. RYM is a leader in the data tape recycling industry and continues to grow even through this difficult economic time.

Brian Musil is founder and VP of RYM. Musil has been in the industry for close to nine years. With a background in business and marketing, Musil recognized a need for an ecological solution to e-waste and had the foresight to see an increasing demand for an economical solution; and decided to create RYM.

RYM purchases end of life data tape media, offering an ecological and economically savvy data destruction alternative to shredding. In addition to protecting the environment, RYM ensures complete data erasure and confidentiality complete with a certificate of data destruction. A Volser report is also given at the time of destruction, giving the company a full and detailed list of all tapes put through the process. Once data has been eradicated, each tape is put through a 12-point inspection process. All tape media that pass the inspection are repackaged and sold as certified for re-use tape media offering blank tape media at a discounted rate.

What makes RecycleYourMedia unique?

Recycle Your Media puts data security and like-new quality above all else. They stand behind their product and service with a 90 day money back guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty on all certified for re-use tape media. RYM’s standards are set above all other companies in the industry.

Recycle Your Media offers (to our most data sensitive customers) in-house data destruction, volser reports, and certificates of data eradication upon request. We also provide secure locked, armed and alarmed transport to our facility. Recycle Your Media welcomes interested data center professionals to tour the facility and will negotiate your legal proposals to fit your companies needs and concerns. All of Recycle Your Medias data eradication processes meet and/or exceed all laws, acts and compliances such as D.O.D and HIPPA standards for data eradication.