European data center owner and operator maincubes recently announced its partnership with Asperitas, a global immersion cooling scaleup, to offer immersion cooling solutions from dedicated colocation suites in the maincubes Amsterdam AMS01 data center. 

maincubes has colocation data centers located in Amsterdam (AMS01) and in Frankfurt (FRA01). The dedicated immersion cooling colocation suites in the Amsterdam facility offer enterprise organizations, cloud service providers (CSPs) and telecom providers a data center suite that is fully aligned for unique cooling technology ideal for high-density compute applications like AI (artificial intelligence), HPC (high-performance computing) and machine learning. Asperitas’ immersion cooling technology allows for high-density equipment setups to be operated energy efficiently, enabling energy-intensive hardware deployments to function at the highest possible utilization rate while reducing the data center space required for AI, HPC and machine learning workloads. 

“These colocation suites are uniquely developed for housing Asperitas’ immersion cooling technology,” said Joris te Lintelo, Vice President of Sales at maincubes. “We’re delighted to partner with Asperitas in their quest to empower world markets with their proven immersion cooling solutions. Our jointly offered immersion cooling solutions also meet the expectations of OCP-associated data center users, as it may bring them high levels of additional efficiencies for OCP use cases.”

AMS01 is home to the European Open Compute Project (OCP) Experience Center, which aligns with the goals of Asperitas — a leading OCP standards contributor in the field of immersion cooling. The European OCP Experience Center matches Asperitas’ membership with the Open Compute Project and supports their efforts to drive global OCP data center standardization for immersion cooling through technical specification contributions to the OCP community.

Operated by data center vendor Rittal and OCP Solutions Provider Circle B, the European OCP Experience Center helps CIOs, CTOs, IT managers and data center managers understand the impact of OCP designs on their facilities and allows for OCP-based solutions relevant to specific IT environments to be tested.

“The presence of the European OCP Experience Center in the maincubes AMS01 data center is attracting quite a few organizations interested in OCP-associated innovation. This really matches our efforts within the OCP Advanced Cooling workgroup on immersion cooling,” said Rolf Brink, Founder and CEO of Asperitas. “The type of customers maincubes is serving from its colocation data centers in Frankfurt and Amsterdam includes well-known DAX-listed companies active within the automotive and telecommunications sectors. This too is a perfect fit with our own client base of high-profile customers and the kind of companies we’re partnering with. Asperitas is currently gaining interest from renowned companies within telecom, automotive, oil and gas and finance.”

Asperitas recently announced an OEM partnership with Dell Technologies, and last month, Shell and Asperitas announced the launch of their co-developed Shell Immersion Cooling Fluid S5 X — a new fluid for immersion cooling designed for high cooling efficiency and excellent flow behavior and thermodynamic properties. 

“Backed by partnerships like those with Dell Technologies and Shell, Asperitas is successfully delivering its immersion cooling technology as a high-density compute and HPC-focused add-on to existing data center environments,” said Oliver Menzel, CEO of maincubes. “The technology’s advantages are not limited to OCP use cases alone though. For our wider client base, including cloud service providers and enterprises, Asperitas’ immersion cooling technology might be a very interesting solution to consider.”

This strategic partnership follows maincubes’ announcement of its expansion with a new, highly modular and flexible 8,500-square-meter colocation facility in Frankfurt (FRA02). The facility will offer 100 percent SLA-backed availability and 100 percent carbon-neutral operations, like other maincubes facilities, and will feature state-of-the-art architecture, materials and technologies.

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