Liquid Technology, an industry-leading IT asset disposition (ITAD) service provider, recently announced that it is offering free pickups, along with a custom onboarding program, to all of Arrow Electronics’ former customers in the wake of its unexpected ITAD division shutdown. Liquid Technology, a company focused solely on delivering a complete suite of ITAD solutions, is poised to aid Arrow’s former customers with immediate free pickups. Plus, effective July 22, Liquid is offering a custom onboarding program designed to provide any existing Arrow customer or transaction with a premium discount package to engage, guide and complete projects with defined timelines during this transition period. Serving as a trusted partner to businesses during the end-of-life assets management and retirement process, Liquid Technology offers greater security, maximized return on investment (ROI) and minimized business risk during the ITAD phase.

An increasing number of businesses are migrating to the cloud and incorporating cutting-edge technologies, leaving behind older equipment in the process. As a result, the importance of ethical and compliant ITAD practices continues to grow. In fact, the global ITAD market, worth over $11 billion, is expected to rise to a valuation of nearly $19 billion by 2022 with a CAGR of 8.33 percent from 2016-2022. With the importance of ITAD growing as e-waste and data security concerns rise, Liquid Technology has seen an increasingly strong demand for its services, with revenues growing 60 percent in 2018. However, this shutdown of Arrow’s division, one of the market’s single largest entities, leaves a critical gap in service.

To ensure that all client requirements and local, state and federal regulations are met thoroughly, easily, and with the highest possible return, Liquid Technology’s end-to-end array of ITAD services are being offered to Arrow clients at a discounted rate. With services including data erasure, e-waste recycling and strategic asset resale, Liquid Technology certifies that business disruption is kept to a minimum and crucial decommissioning and recycling processes can be completed in the wake of Arrow’s shutdown.

“With Arrow Electronics’ departure, many of its former customers are being saddled with the responsibility of once again locating and allying with a trusted specialist that can guide them through the often complex process of ITAD,” comments Richard Greene, Managing Partner for Liquid Technology. “Liquid Technology is ready and eager to help businesses across all sectors. We prioritize the delivery of top-tier, properly-certified and compliant services, empowering our customers to return their focus to their own core business operations with the peace of mind that comes with knowing their equipment and data is in great hands.”

Liquid Technology’s services are e-Stewards Certified, R2 Certified, and ISO 14001 Certified and backed by deep, specialized expertise in data center decommissioning, cloud migrations, project management and more. Additionally, the company has recently completed an expansion in Chicago, enabling augmented chain of custody safety, bolstered capacity and faster processing times for increased customer savings. Liquid Technology serves as a partner to businesses across high-demand and security-focused markets such as banking, healthcare, insurance, legal, software and other emerging markets, meeting even the most demanding requirements involved with asset disposition.

As a leading e-waste recycling specialist, Liquid Technology is focused primarily on U.S.-based firms that do business domestically and internationally. Furthermore, the company is dedicated to promoting safe and beneficial ITAD processes for businesses across a range of industry verticals. To help businesses learn more about achieving ITAD best practices, the company has also created several whitepapers outlining how to create a retirement plan, what to look for in an ITAD partner in terms of certifications and more.

To learn more about Liquid Technology and their program for Arrow customers, please email or call 1-800-797-5478.