At Quantum Loophole, Inc. founder Josh Snowhorn has been busy this past year.  The innovative leader is developing first-of-its-kind master planned data center cities and announced that the company has raised over $13 million in its initial round of seed funding. 

The company launched in January of 2020, just prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Even before the challenges brought on by the pandemic, Snowhorn and companyn recognized that the need for  digital infrastructure at hyperscale was rising, however, limitations on capabilities were waning.

With the see-funding, Quantum Loophole was able to put into motion its vision for highly sustainable, environmentally sound data center developments at scale. Snowhorn, along with a talented management from real estate, environment and networking, have re-imagined the way data centers can be developed and deployed. One major difference: they believe working in concert with the local ecology through master planning. This approach meets mounting pressures toward real sustainability while delivering asset value for the long haul. By incorporating an ethically planned and community-centric design that puts sustainability at its heart, Quantum Loophole’s master planned data center cities are designed to offer gigawatt levels of critical power and leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver connectivity seamlessly and immediately.  

This approach to shared infrastructure and pre-planned site approvals is more common to land developers who concentrate on residential and office situations. Traditionally, industrial land uses have not leveraged the type of pre-planning and ecological sustainability concepts that Quantum Loophole’s team envisions.  Early market signals support of the visiono and eager to realize this innovative approach, which promises to improve performance and expedite time to market. 

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