Did you know about 40% of the world’s population has poor or no access to high-speed internet? One of the reasons being the only access is via copper cable networks or at best, geostationary satellite links, which are ‘narrow-band’ solutions unable to deliver high-speed internet connections. In today’s streaming video, online gaming, insatiable digital content world, narrow-band solutions are no longer sufficient for the everyday user. 

That is where LEO satellites come into play. LEO satellites are ideal for connecting remote regions with high-speed Internet access more quickly and cost effectively – as compared to traditional Fiber-to-the-X solutions 

Here are a few benefits of satellite internet services: 

  • They are less expensive to construct than geostationary satellites or terrestrial fiber connections to outlying locations 
  • They provide other advantages over satellites in higher orbits because they are closer to the Earth’s surface 
  • They consist of receiver-transmitter technology in the form of small terminals that can establish connection between any two points in line of sight, with bandwidth in the gigabit range

DE-CIX, the world’s leading carrier and data center neutral Internet Exchange (IX) operator and home to the largest neutral interconnection ecosystem in the world, is working to bring high-performance interconnection services closer and closer to people and businesses everywhere. By working with the LEO satellite operators, DE-CIX can help make high-speed internet access a reality. To do so, each satellite network operator must also interconnect with other networks before it can assume the role of an ISP from space. To make this work, the satellite internet provider’s ground stations must be connected via fiber to data centers that connect to the chosen IX, either directly on-site or via high speed fiber to an IX enabled data center nearby. 

DE-CIX provides an excellent opportunity for satellite internet providers to connect relevant networks so that their users can access the global internet with the lowest latency. Many communities still do not have the necessary interconnection expertise. Working with experts like DE-CIX can enable these communities to quickly set up a fully managed local IX for the most robust and efficient interconnection possible.

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