Fiber optic networking provides critical infrastructure for businesses and homes alike and enables them access to a wide range of services, such as WiFi, streaming, phone services, and much more. Without fast, reliable, and secure fiber, neither businesses nor individuals can access the infrastructure that propels well-serviced communities technologically forward. During the spring of 2023, Vestal, New York, a town located in south-central New York, will be receiving a substantial upgrade to its telecommunications infrastructure through the award-winning fiber optic services from Empire Access.

Empire Access, a regional broadband provider serving large areas of New York and Pennsylvania, will soon begin offering its fiber optic services to over 2,000 residents and businesses in Vestal. Empire Access’ fiber optic infrastructure provides high-speed Internet, voice, and digital TV services to customers in the regions it serves, including Fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP) in many of those areas. The broadband provider’s extensive network, made up of over over 1,280 fiber route miles, was rated the “Fastest ISP in the U.S.” by PCMag in 2021, ensuring that customers can expect the highest level of service to their communities, businesses, and homes.

Vestal can expect to receive Empire Access’ leading fiber services as soon as spring of 2023. With Internet speeds of up to one Gigabit, Jim Baase, CEO at Empire Access, notes that “customers are certain to notice improved load times and device performance like never before.”

This expansion follows the recent announcement that Empire Access was acquired by Antin Infrastructure Partners, a leading private equity firm focused on infrastructure, with the goal of further FTTP growth across New York and Pennsylvania. Prior to this acquisition, Empire Access also announced its expansion to Scranton, PA to provide businesses and residents alike with its array of services, backed by a 120 mile fiber optic cable network.

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