In small communities, residents and businesses alike often lack reliable broadband options which provide now-essential Internet services. This lack of connectivity options can leave certain communities underserved, and without the capabilities enjoyed by many other areas, such as major connectivity hubs. This means fast WiFi, streaming, phone services, and more may not be accessible in these regions. Northern Pennsylvania is home to many blossoming small towns, such as Williamsport. However, these communities may lack critical fiber infrastructure when compared to other, more populous regions, which leverage it for business, remote work, and entertainment. In the fall of 2023, Williamsport will be receiving the Northeast’s fastest Internet from Empire Access.

Empire Access, an Antin company, a regional broadband provider serving large areas of New York and Pennsylvania, will begin offering its fiber optic services to Williamsport residents and businesses. Empire Access provides fiber optic infrastructure and offers services such as high-speed Internet, phone, and streaming. Rated the “Fastest ISP in the U.S.” by PCMag in 2021, Empire Access’ fiber network is both fast and secure, with Internet speeds of up to 1 Gigabit and advanced firewall protection. 

Residents and businesses in Williamsport can expect service from Empire Access in fall of this year, 2023. “We are both proud and excited to be a part of connecting Williamsport,” comments Jim Baase, CEO at Empire Access. This build out is part of a two-phase expansion in Pennsylvania which will include neighboring communities. Jim Baase leads Empire Access’ efforts to bring connectivity to various Northern Pennsylvania communities, most recently announcing its expansion into Scranton.

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