Steve Hassell, president of the Avocent business of Emerson Network Power (, says:

Emerson Network Power’s Trellis™ offers the first integrated, single information-source DCIM (data center infrastructure management) platform to bridge the critical gap between a data center’s IT equipment and facilities infrastructure. The Trellis dynamic infrastructure optimization platform is comprised of a family of hardware, software and services that are designed to manage the dynamic nature and requirements of the infrastructure holistically from a central “source of truth,” enabling data center managers to make smarter decisions on the interplay between efficiency, availability and capacity utilization. The Trellis platform will bring together and extend the functionalities currently delivered by Emerson Network Power’s Liebert SiteScan®, Avocent Data Center Planner and Aperture management software solutions.

To provide a migration path and integration for customers with these exiting solutions, Emerson Network Power recently unveiled a DCIM adoption strategy that will enable users of Avocent, Aperture and Liebert DCIM software solutions to adopt the Trellis dynamic infrastructure optimization platform and experience unparalleled control over data center operations.

As a result, current users of these Emerson Network Power software products will have a migration path to the Trellis platform, while benefitting from additional functionality that provides greater visibility and control of data center operations via a one-of-a-kind closed-loop control system. Leveraging Emerson Network Power’s proven expertise in asset, power, cooling and infrastructure management and embedded firmware technologies; the Trellis platform ends compartmental decision-making so that data center professionals can optimize every aspect of their critical infrastructure operations.

Scheduled for release early next year, the Trellis platform is the only DCIM solution to control a complete array of data center infrastructure assets, including both IT and physical infrastructure, from a single console. With the Trellis platform, Emerson Network Power customers will have the exact information they need to maximize the availability, efficiency and capacity of their critical infrastructure.

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