DE-CIX, the world’s leading Internet Exchange (IX) operator and home to the largest carrier and data center neutral interconnection ecosystem on the planet, has announced that the company will be welcoming Crocker Communications to its North American Transport Partner program. Crocker Communications provides enterprise-class services including voice, Internet, connectivity, as well as municipality-operated broadband solutions in Greenfield and Springfield, Massachusetts. The improved partnership uses a Network-to-Network Interconnection (NNI) to give Crocker’s customers easy access to DE-CIX New York, the biggest carrier- and data center-neutral exchange with Open-IX certification functioning in New York and the larger Northeast region.

​​In its network coverage, Crocker Communications has been offering cutting-edge telecommunications solutions for communities, companies, and citizens since 1965. Crocker increased their collaboration with DE-CIX to offer their customers smooth connectivity to DE-CIX New York by utilizing DE-CIX’s tested platform. This gives Crocker clients more control over their internet performance, including routing, latency, and direct access, by enabling them to buy a transport connection to DE-CIX. Additionally, peering, private connectivity, cloud connectivity and closed-user groups for private ecosystem connectivity are also viable options for multi-service interconnection. 

Access to networks connected to the global DE-CIX fabric throughout North America, including DE-CIX managed exchanges in Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix, and Richmond, is possible through a connection to DE-CIX New York. One-hop access to DE-CIX Frankfurt, the biggest neutral IX in Europe with further reach to over 19 IXs around Europe, is also made possible by this globally connected fabric.

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