Data centers are a critical part of the global economy, but they also have an environmental impact. Many of the challenges associated with data center sustainability are common to other industries and organizations. One of the issues the industry faces is design efficiency. 

The design process should consider how to optimize energy efficiency, reduce water use and eliminate waste. Datalec announced the launch of its onsite powder coating facility. This facility is fully operational at the company’s Hertfordshire headquarters and this new service is a further extension to Datalec’s Aisle Containment Caging Solutions (ACCS) capability. With this announcement, Datalec’s continued commitment to reinvestment is guaranteed.

The paint line is 164 meters long, and has a capacity of 40 standard 1200 x 1200 panels per hour or the equivalent of five double decker buses per day. The powder coating facility can operate with a wide range of colors, and is highly sustainable by using an innovative pre-treatment system that results in an 80-85% reduction of Co2 emissions.

Additionally, the green process system produces zero chemical waste through powder recycling. This, combined with the ability to manage a project from initial consultation, to design, manufacturing, powder coating and onwards to all in-house shipping results in faster turnaround times than other companies can offer.

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