Bulk Infrastructure announces that its Data Center division has achieved OCP ReadyTM certification for all three of its data centers facilities, including the Oslo Internet Exchange (OS-IX), Norway Data Center Campus (N01) and Denmark Data Center Campus (DK01). This certification, administered by the Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP) qualifies data centers to the high standards of efficiency that companies such as Facebook and Google acquire, making data centers competent enough to support advanced open infrastructure deployments.

The certification process uses a detailed self-assessment followed by a rigorous review by the OCP team according to well-defined criteria. The process looks at everything from access control to white space, electrical and cooling to cabling and service.

Rob Elder, Bulk’s VP of Data Centers points out that enterprises, cloud and hyperscale tenants are looking more toward open hardware designs to support higher density workloads and other specialized needs. Each may have their unique blend of cloud migration, AI, research and other needs and the OCP Ready certification gives all of them confidence that their individual selections will be fully supported.

This OCP Ready designation reinforces Bulk Infrastructure’s dedication to provide state of the art facilities that are powered by 100% renewable energy. Bulk remains the market-leading provider of ultra-scalable, highly connected, and sustainable data centers in the Nordics and is the first to certify its data centers OCP Ready in both Norway and Denmark. Bulk’s geographically advantageous facilities allow its data centers to focus on sustainability by running on renewable energy, reducing power and water usage, while being cost effective to all parties. Being a part of the OCP community supports Bulk’s commitment in the race to provide sustainable infrastructure to a global audience. 

To learn more about Bulk Infrastructure’s sustainability initiative, please visit www.bulkinfrastructure.com.