Bluebird Network, LLC, a Midwest telecommunications company, recently announced that it is celebrating its 20th anniversary on May 21, 2019. Missouri Network Alliance (MNA), was founded in 1999 and joined with Bluebird Media and Illinois Network Alliance in 2011 to form Bluebird Network (Bluebird). Later on, in 2014, the company acquired the Bluebird Underground Data Center to become the business enabler that customers and employees know and trust today (some for over 18 years). For over two decades, Bluebird has been a leading company in the telecommunications sphere, delivering enhanced broadband capabilities, building long-lasting relationships and serving local business owners, communities and nationwide carriers.

“Over the last two decades, we have been proud to offer carrier-grade, technologically-advanced fiber optic solutions and data services to businesses of all kinds,” says Michael Morey, President and CEO of Bluebird Network. “We extend our congratulations to our peers who began with Missouri Network Alliance for their history of standout success and commitment to providing dependable services to communities and businesses, allowing them to grow and thrive.”

Bluebird’s unique, dedicated team of employees has been reliably delivering world-class services to enterprise, carrier and data center customers in underserved areas with a winning combination of personalized customer support, cutting-edge technology and real, human connection. The company focuses on providing the resources that businesses and communities need to grow and thrive by creating a customized network solution that meets any broadband requirement.

Bluebird provides a range of network services to enterprise, carrier and data center customers, including Wide Area Network Ethernet, Mobile Ethernet, Dedicated Internet Access, E-line Services, Ethernet Virtual Private LAN Service (E-LAN), Mobile Backhaul Transport and beyond. The company’s fiber-optic infrastructure connects to the Bluebird Underground Data Center, a below-ground colocation facility in Springfield, Missouri.

To date, the company has built over 6,500 fiber route miles to establish itself as a primary and trusted provider of transport and high-speed internet services throughout the Midwest. Bluebird delivers these fiber-based services to urban, rural and underserved areas, effectively connecting rural areas to major cities and increasing their opportunity for growth. Currently, the company is completing several additional fiber expansions throughout Missouri.

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