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How to Select an SD-WAN Vendor by Steve Brar, Director, Solutions Marketing

With more than 20 vendors claiming to offer Software-Defined WAN or SD-WAN solutions, the choices may seem overwhelming. Adding to the confusion are the recent acquisitions of several smaller vendors. SD-WAN helps network administrators and IT leaders who are looking to drive agility, reliability, and cost savings within their organizations. “The lack of agility caused by legacy networks is a primary problem solved by an SD-WAN,” according to Zeus Kerravala of ZK Research. SD-WAN technology provides intelligent path selection across MPLS, broadband, and LTE, improves cloud connectivity, and streamlines branch network access. It works by separating the management plane...

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Meeting Toronto’s Growing Demand for Multi-Tenant Wholesale Data Center Capacity

Toronto, one of Canada’s busiest data center markets, will soon gain new multi-tenant wholesale data center capacity. CIM Group, in conjunction with fifteenfortyseven Critical Systems Realty (“1547”), has announced the acquisition of a 42,000 square-foot operating data center in Markham, Ontario, which is part of the Greater Toronto Area. The property was sold by I.C.E. Datacenters (Interconnection & Colocation for the Enterprise), which plans to lease back a large portion of the data center. This new acquisition enhances CIM Group’s portfolio of diverse infrastructure investments which include urban parking facilities, renewable energy, water supply infrastructure, and waste solutions. The...

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The 6 Best Data Center Education and Certification Opportunities By Kevin Nelson

Data center knowledge is being sought after with much zeal in present time. With the increasing use and relevance of data in modern-day business and life, it has become lucrative to possess such education. It has led some people to disregard their university education for a more practical and fulfilling experience in a field that has contemporary significance. What’s more, this is where the money is! By the fact that most companies are running data centers, it becomes paramount for them to educate their data center employees for better efficiency. If you are contemplating educating yourself with data center...

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Meeting Hawaii’s Growing Peering and Colocation Needs

Colocation is now a top need in Hawaii for local and international content providers wanting to bring their content closer to end users. And for this reason, cabinet capacity is in high demand on the island. Recently, AlohaNAP — Hawaii’s only multi-tenant, carrier-neutral data center facility with satellite backup capabilities — announced it is increasing its cabinet capacity by almost 70 percent. Growing customer demand for colocation has caused AlohaNAP’s occupancy to more than double from 40 percent in 2016 to 89 percent at the end of 3Q17 with currant occupancy hovering at 63 percent. To support continued demand,...

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Showcasing the UK Data Centre and Cloud Sectors, Europe’s Largest Market: Datacloud UK 2018 Finance & Investment Forum 2018

Home to London, Europe’s major financial services centre, the United Kingdom is also the Continent’s leading interconnection hub. In recent years, the UK has maintained its position as the key marketplace for data centres across Europe because of the rapidly increasing usage of applications powered by cloud service providers. Looking to the future, we can anticipate an increased demand for data centre space from the enterprise sector that will only strengthen the UK’s digital ecosystem, maintaining its dominance as a European data centre destination. These and other trends will be explored at Datacloud UK 2018, which for the first...

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Chayora Campus Providing Scalable, Prefabricated, Flexible Solutions for International Data Centre Customers in China

The first of seven major data centre facilities on Chayora’s hyperscale Tianjin campus is due to be operational by the end of 2018, with remaining facilities coming online over the following 36 months to meet huge demand for scalable facilities that support Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the JingJinJi mega-metropolitan region. Chayora’s campus brings more than 300MW of available power and international standard infrastructure that will deliver world-class performance for its customers. The first facility is designed for full 2N resilience with dedicated power-feeds and substations for a 25MW IT load. It uses Chayora’s standard, authority-approved modular shell with MEP configuration and operations...

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Advancing Virginia Beach’s Terrestrial and Subsea Connectivity

If you follow the subsea fiber-optic cable industry, you know that there’s been an exciting new wave of transoceanic cable system development taking place of late. So much so that Virginia Beach is fast becoming a ‘Digital Port’ city, and an attractive landing point for submarine cable system owners and operators. To shore up connectivity from land and sea, Globalinx Data Centers is opening a new, three-phased data center campus near the Telxius Cable Landing Station (CLS) in Virginia Beach. Phase I of the project includes a 10,750 square-foot facility built on a private campus. This facility offers high-capacity...

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Reinforcing Ireland’s Growing Position as a Top European Location for Digital Asset Hosting

Many digital organizations are now turning to experienced technology leaders to help navigate the changing data hosting landscape. Host in Ireland, for instance, has announced that Jim Rice has joined its Advisory Council. The Host in Ireland council works together with Founder and President Garry Connolly to extend the impact and reach of its mission by creating well-formulated strategies based on the tremendous experience of its members. Mr. Rice, who is a Chartered Engineer, is currently the Chairman of the Irish Manufacturer’s Association within Ibec, which is Ireland’s largest and most active business representation body.  Rice brings over 30...

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Chayora Helping Global Corporates to Access China with Hyperscale Data Centre Operations Going Live in 2018

Just over half of the population of China is presently connected to the internet. This compares with most of the rest of the developed world where internet connectivity is typically more than 80 percent. Coupled with a population that is already four times the size of the US, and the Chinese government’s policy to get internet access to the vast majority of its people within the next Five Year Plan, it is easy to see China as a highly-attractive macro market. If you add on the structural switch from traditional business to IoT and AI that China is embracing,...

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Rack Power Circuit Monitoring Chart – What’s Wrong With This Picture? by Dave Eastman, VP, InCommand at Serverfarm

According to the Ponemon Institute’s latest “Cost of Data Center Outages” study, the average cost of an unplanned data center outage has steadily increased from approximately $500,000 in 2010 to nearly $750,000 in 2016, a 38 percent increase. What’s also intriguing about the report is that data center outages aren’t just costly, they’re extremely common. Total outages occurred once a year on average and device-level outages occurred every two months among the U.S.-based data centers surveyed. As we let these figures sink in, and before answering what’s wrong with the Rack Power Circuit Monitoring Chart presented above, let me...

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