Author: Jasmine Russell

How Storage Tiering Can Lead to Cost Savings

Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Sarah Rubenoff. Storage growth isn’t slowing down, and this is pushing demand for file storage capacity. As a result, enterprise file management is top of mind for many data centers and businesses. And new storage technologies are bringing storage tiering to the forefront of the market. A recent report from Cloudian compares the total cost of ownership of traditional NAS to the TCO of traditional NAS augmented by file tiering with Cloudian object storage. Bottom line: There has been an explosion in data. And it’s not slowing down. The report cites predictions from...

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3 Tips to Ensuring Superior VoIP Call Quality

By Bankim Brahmbhatt, CEO of BridgeVoice

As the use of VoIP grows in popularity among global enterprises, providers looking to maintain relevance throughout this expanding market must take steps to ensure they are able to deliver the high-quality services many businesses have come to expect. As a global leader in offering retail and wholesale VoIP termination services, BridgeVoice knows a thing or two about call quality assurance, utilizing our experience to the benefit of operators and carriers around the world. We believe that ensuring superior voice services is comprised of three elements – termination, routing and monitoring – each of which must be carefully and...

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Microsoft Buys Land for Data Center Campus in San Jose

Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Rich Miller. Microsoft has bought 65 acres of land in northern San Jose, and plans to build a data center campus on the property, the company confirmed Friday. Microsoft’s plans mark a departure from several prevailing trends in the Silicon Valley data center market, where most of the action has focused in Santa Clara, and hyperscale players have historically leased space from third-party providers, rather than building their own facilities. The deal demonstrates that cloud platforms continue to covet data center capacity in the largest U.S. markets, even as they build huge...

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At CyrusOne, More Sky for Bigger Clouds

Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Rich Miller. STERLING, Va. – CyrusOne describes its data centers as “the sky for the cloud.” As IT customers use more cloud, even more “sky” will be required. That’s why CyrusOne is building huge data centers like Sterling V, its newest facility in Northern Virginia. As you walk into the first data hall, a seemingly endless field of raised floor stretches before you. The room spans 60,000 square feet, which until recently would be a respectable size for an entire data center. The data hall, which has been fully pre-leased, supports 9...

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How DCIM Aligns CIOs, IT and Facilities Teams on the Same Path

Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Voices of the Industry. In this edition of Voices of the Industry, Jeff Klaus, General Manager of Intel Data Center Management Solutions, explains how Intel DCM enables CIOs, IT and facilities teams to travel the same path. The above video further explores how to modernize your data center with Intel DCM. It’s been said that today’s data center is the railroad infrastructure of our Digital Age, and that the world’s business travels along its rails. As we witness the proliferation of Big Data analytics and the advent of IoT, Artificial Intelligence and...

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An Exercise in Futility: How Using KPI Dashboards Impede, Not Improve Business Intelligence

By Debbie Fletcher

A data-driven business is a successful business, but only if that business is able to extract insights from its data and then act on those insights in a timely matter. In turn, the insights you’re able to gain from your data depends on the tools you’re applying to that data. From relational databases to big iron UNIX mainframes, companies have ridden each new technological wave to gain a competitive advantage from their data. Although they might seem like a wise investment, business intelligence (BI) KPI dashboards have neither lived up to their hype nor do they provide compelling value...

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Evocative Relaunches, Builds Data Center Footprint on West Coast

Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Rich Miller. Arman Khalili has spent much of his career building data center businesses on the West Coast. Khalili has begun a new chapter in that journey with the relaunch of Evocative, an established colocation brand in the Bay Area for many years, which was acquired from 365 Data Centers in April. The new Evocative Inc. is already growing across California. After starting with data centers in Emeryville and San Jose, Evocative has expanded into Los Angeles, leasing 42,000 square feet of space at 1200 West 7th Street. As industry consolidation creates...

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Top 5 Benefits of a Hyperscale Data Center

Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Sarah Rubenoff. This post from QTS is a special Data Center Frontier brief covering the top benefits of a hyperscale data center. The full report explores how the increasing need for resources from the business perspective has led to the development of powerful cloud data centers called hyperscale data centers. The growing importance of data analytics and cloud—the result of big data coming from ubiquitously networked end-user devices and IoE alike—has added to the value and growth of data centers. Furthermore, the increasing need around resources from the business perspective has led...

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IoT And Big Data In The Colocation Space

It is time to realize the previously unimaginable.

So much data, so much of it big, and so many, many things. IDC forecasts the Big Data market will increase to approximately $32 billion this year from just over $3 billion five years ago. Meanwhile, IDC predicts that the Internet of Things (IoT), which is fueling the explosion of data, will become a $1.7 trillion market by 2020, up from about $656 billion in 2014. It’s been well documented how Big Data is transforming the way that companies operate and make business decisions in financial services, health care, retail, manufacturing, and a host of other industry sectors. IoT...

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Understanding Today’s Data Center High Speed Migration Environment

Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Sarah Rubenoff. Anyone who has been in the data center business long enough knows that speed is everything, especially in a high speed migration environment. But according to CommScope, the key to keeping things running at the necessary speeds is knowing “what you have to be prepared to deliver.” That’s what the company discusses in a recent white paper that takes a look at high speed migration trends, infrastructure issues, drivers and more. So, what’s the future look like? According to the report, recent data center trends predict bandwidth requirements will continue...

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