Author: Jasmine Russell

Chayora Helping Global Corporates to Access China with Hyperscale Data Centre Operations Going Live in 2018

Just over half of the population of China is presently connected to the internet. This compares with most of the rest of the developed world where internet connectivity is typically more than 80 percent. Coupled with a population that is already four times the size of the US, and the Chinese government’s policy to get internet access to the vast majority of its people within the next Five Year Plan, it is easy to see China as a highly-attractive macro market. If you add on the structural switch from traditional business to IoT and AI that China is embracing,...

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Rack Power Circuit Monitoring Chart – What’s Wrong With This Picture? by Dave Eastman, VP, InCommand at Serverfarm

According to the Ponemon Institute’s latest “Cost of Data Center Outages” study, the average cost of an unplanned data center outage has steadily increased from approximately $500,000 in 2010 to nearly $750,000 in 2016, a 38 percent increase. What’s also intriguing about the report is that data center outages aren’t just costly, they’re extremely common. Total outages occurred once a year on average and device-level outages occurred every two months among the U.S.-based data centers surveyed. As we let these figures sink in, and before answering what’s wrong with the Rack Power Circuit Monitoring Chart presented above, let me...

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Submarine Fiber in Terrestrial Markets: How Crosslake Fibre Is Changing the Industry with Niche Subsea Cable Deployments by Hunter Newby, Partner, 1025Connect

As a result of the proliferation of IoT and cloud services, as well as the growing demand for Over-the-Top (OTT) content and bandwidth-intensive applications, network traffic is increasing at an exponential rate. In fact, according to a recent study by Cisco, annual global IP traffic is predicted to reach 3.3 Zettabytes per year by 2021, and this is only the beginning. Focused on developing high-capacity, low-latency fiber routes able to satisfy the bandwidth needs of mounting network traffic, Crosslake Fibre, a Canadian dark fiber provider, is rolling out subsea cable projects throughout North America. With a unique approach to...

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FPGA-Based Host CPU Offload with Industry-Standard Data Center Server by Ameet Dhillon, Director of Business Development, Accolade Technology

We are all familiar with the term “industry-standard” or “commercial off-the-shelf (COTS)” servers. The generally accepted understanding is these are servers which contain readily available components such as an x86 CPU, memory, storage, networking and a ubiquitous operating system such as Linux or Windows. We usually think of companies like Dell or HP as suppliers of these industry-standard servers, and over time have come to accept that the best platform for our datacenter applications is an industry-standard server. This is certainly true for a large percentage of applications, but we shouldn’t automatically assume there are no other options. A...

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Software-Defined Storage: Factors to Consider by Stefan Bernbo, CEO, Compuverde

Research firm MarketsandMarkets forecasts that the software-defined storage (SDS) market will be worth $22.56 billion by 2021, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 36.7 percent. This surge in adoption is being fueled by the growth of cloud-based infrastructure and virtualization technologies and today’s massive increase in data volume. SDS is attractive to organizations that need to accommodate this growth and the consequent huge increases in storage capacity at an affordable price. However, as adoption of SDS grows, it is important for organizations to be knowledgeable about current options. Multiple hazards await in today’s SDS market, including compatibility...

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Big Data, IoT and the Need for High Density and Ultra High Density Computing by Darren Watkins, Managing Director, VIRTUS Data Centres

Big Data and IoT have long been heralded as the next revolution within the IT world. Beyond the headlines of connected devices – and customer behavior analysis – IoT and Big Data are being used to solve increasingly complex business problems. Digital businesses are turning to IoT technology to manage the connections, devices and applications that make up their organization. Automated workflows – which have long been a watchword of manufacturing business strategy – are being embraced by many disparate organizations. IoT and Big Data are clearly intimately connected: billions of internet-connected ‘things’ will, by definition, generate massive amounts...

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Growing Colocation Demand Opens Opportunity for Experienced Data Center Sales Directors

Demand is surging for data center and colocation services in North America. The market is growing at a CAGR of 11.72 percent, and over the next two years 57 percent of digital businesses plan to increase their data center outsourcing. One company that has emerged as a leader in this space is interconnect Miami (iMDC), a carrier neutral data center and colocation provider located in downtown Miami. To keep up with the demand, iMDC is now seeking a new Director of Sales who will be responsible for implementing and executing an actionable sales plan. This individual will also be...

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The Internet Is the New Grid and Energy of Humanity: TelecomNewsRoom Interview with Paul Ike, Managing Director of Unica Datacenters

Q&A with TelecomNewsRoom’s Contributing Editor, Kathy Xu Paul Ike is Managing Director of Unica Datacenters. Paul is an IT specialist focused on helping customers find the best solution for every challenge. He was born and raised in Amsterdam, lived and worked in the United States, and feels most at home in a technologically complex, international environment. Paul has always been interested in new technological developments and has been working in the data center world for the last 14 years. TelecomNewsRoom recently had the opportunity to sit down with Paul and discuss his company’s attendance at KickStart Europe 2018, taking...

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How Amsterdam Became the King of the Data Center by Michael van den Assem, Managing Director, Interxion

As one of the oldest cities in the industrial world, Amsterdam has a rich history when it comes to business and commerce. From as far back as the 1600s, the capital city of the Netherlands has been a thriving international business hub. Dutch merchants established trade routes to bring back various exotic goods from Asia, which were then distributed more broadly throughout the rest of Europe. Today, Amsterdam plays a very similar role in the digital economy. A solid foundation of connectivity has helped the city to draw investment from international companies and develop one of the world’s largest...

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Data Center Drain: How to Cope With the Rise of Smart Technology by Dr. Jens Struckmeier

With the surge of connected devices, power consumption is at an all-time high. And, it’s only headed in one direction – up. Today there are approximately 4.9 billion connected devices, according to analyst firm Gartner. By 2020, Cisco predicts that there will be 50 billion. As the demand for computing power rapidly increases, so will the need for the high costs of electricity become the driver of energy efficiency. One of the Greatest Future Challenges Is the Improvement of Energy Efficiency in Data Centers Truth be told, the single greatest challenge to the improvement of energy efficiency will come...

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