What Does Agile Colocation Look Like?

Originally posted on CloudPost By Jeff Plank, “In a business context, agility is the ability of an organization to rapidly adapt to market and environmental changes in productive and cost-effective ways.” Wise words lifted directly from [...]

Batteries for Hybrid Off-Grid Power – Five Key Questions you Should Ask

By Anders Hansson, Power Solutions Manager, Flexenclosure and Thomas Rahkonen, Chief Technology Officer, Flexenclosure In backup applications for telecom sites in developed markets with stable grids, battery operation is a well-understood topic with expected battery lifetime [...]

LayerZero Power Systems Releases eRPP-SL2 Slim Power Panel

5/23/2016 (Aurora, OH) – LayerZero Power Systems, Inc. has announced the release of the Series 70: eRPP-SL2 Slim Remote Power Panel.  The eRPP-SL2 distributes electrical power, maximizes the effectiveness of available critical space, and increases operator [...]

Iron Box and PDUWhips.com Bets Big with zLock Power Cords

PDUWhips.com announces new contract with Zonit zLock locking power cords. Raleigh, N.C. – PDUWhips.com is excited to announce the addition of zLock power cords by Zonit Solutions, the world’s first universal dual-locking power cord, to their [...]

Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) Perspectives: How Key Data Center Stakeholders View PUE

– Daniel Bodenski, Director of Strategic Solutions, Electronic Environments Corporation, says: When analyzing the effectiveness of a data center, one of the most critical components to consider is Power Usage Efficiency (PUE), a metric used across [...]

Basic vs. Intelligent Rack Power Distribution Units

  Intelligent Rack Power Distribution Units – Michael Bord, an Enterprise Software Sales Executive with Raritan, says: It doesn’t look like much at first glance. You notice a row or two of electrical outlets that run the [...]

Don’t Let Your Data Center Efficiency Standards Stay Stuck in the Past

– Kevin O’Brien, President – Mission Critical Construction Services Division, EEC, says: As the cost of powering mission-critical facilities continues to increase, energy conservation has become top priority for many of today’s data center operators. Many [...]

Electronic Environments Corporation (EEC) Featured in this Year’s CRN Data Center 100

– Joanna Styczen, Technical Writing Director, iMiller Public Relations, says: Last month, Electronic Environments Corporation (EEC) was recognized among the top 20 Designers and Builders within CRN Data Center 100.  The list features the most prominent [...]

How you can Address your Data Center Power Challenges?

Data Center Power Challenges – Dani Kate, spokesperson for Riello UPS, says: An uninterruptible power supply is the foundational aspect of the data centre backup chain which has the capacity to provide protection against power disruptions. The [...]

Power Architecture Best Practice Is Not “Reserved” for Colocation Data Centers

Colo Data Centers – Peter Panfil, Vice President, Global Power at Emerson Network Power, says: Compared to traditional power system architectures such as 2N or 2N+1, a reserve power system architecture offers comparable availability, greater efficiency and [...]

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